PODiSTA fresh brew is now just a tap away!

In this internet of Things era, it is not surprising that you can monitor everything remotely and perhaps your Nespresso machine is not an exception as you can now make your daily cup of Joe by simply tapping on your phone screen!

Nespresso has finally launched the Prodigio – the first Bluetooth “connected” espresso machine along with a companion app. Nespresso believes the Prodigio will offer great convenience towards end-consumers.

Perhaps the best feature of the Prodigio is its remote brewing function. Nespresso Prodigio allows users to brew coffee from anywhere within 10 meters distance to the machine with just a tap away. The app is available for both Android and iOS. If you are a lazy coffee drinker, the Prodigio is a perfect solution. You can now enjoy your fresh brew anytime without dragging yourself out of bed or leaving the chair. All you need is a tap on your smart devices installed with the Nespresso app.

Nespresso believes Prodigio’s brewing schedule feature might be the real highlight to personalise user’s experience.  You can easily set the machine’s brewing time to have your cuppa ready by the time you start having breakfast or leaving the house.

Another great function is capsule stock control, allowing users to manage the number of pods used and when they are running low. Users can directly re-order within Nespresso app and have their capsules arrive just in time. Otherwise, if you prefer hot chocolate, explore PODiSTA chocolate range and make an order online.

The Prodigio can tell users when to refill the water tank and when the machine needs descaling. The whole process is simply monitored based on automatic calculation from the number of cups brewed.

Nespresso Prodigio comes with 3 cup sizes, Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo and is available with milk frother. The machine is now for sale globally at a variety of distributors, both online and in-store. If you want to gets your hand on a Prodigio, they are available now on Nespresso website and priced at NZD 499.

With the new launching of Nespresso Prodigio, you can enjoy a wide variety of PODiSTA beverages including PODiSTA coffee, hot chocolate and sugar-free drinks. Our capsules are compatible with all DeLonghi and Breville Nespresso® machines. PODiSTA pods made of flexible, yielding materials are developed uniquely for Nespresso coffee machines, bringing you an absolute peace of mind when using our products. If you are a coffee lover, feel free to pick your favourite from an extensive range of PODiSTA espresso flavours. In case you are a chocoholic, get ready to stock up on our delicious hot chocolate to indulge yourself on those chilly days.   

Tags: prodigio, nespresso machine, IoT Last update: April 13, 2016

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