PODiSTA – the perfect gift for every dad

We all know what to get for mums on Mother’s Day – think jewellery or a deluxe spa experience.   But dads can be tough to shop for. While he doesn’t expect you to buy him a sports car, why not aim higher than a greeting card and pair of socks this year? If you’re stuck for ideas then worry no more! We’re here to help. Check out this list for the perfect PODiSTA present for all the different types of dads.

Double Shot – for the Super dad

As Double Shots contain twice the caffeine in a single pod, we recommend you serve this to all the super dads out there. Why? Because he is super awesome and being so awesome takes a lot of energy! A super dad is multi-tasking and always happy to help out whenever he can. A super dad works hard and tries to be home in time for dinner with his family. He listens, cares, reads bedtime stories and helps with homework. He is an amazing man and sometimes might need a little help to get it all done. That’s why our PODiSTA Double Shot is perfect to get him through his busy day.

Intenso – for the Sporty dad

If your dad loves to be at the gym a few times a week or wakes up early for hiking on the weekends, he probably needs fuel for his performance. PODiSTA Intenso is an ideal pre-workout beverage for active dads. Great as a latte, cappuccino or ‘wake-me-up’ espresso, Intenso pods will be a sure fire way to keep dad active.

Organic – for the Handyman dad

This is for the DIY dad. The dad who fixes things around the house, loves gardening and helping with arts and crafts projects. Some handy dads even take it to the next level by building a tree house for the kids – how cool is that! We recommend PODiSTA Organic for this type of dad. Pods are both recyclable and biodegradable, containing coffee sourced from small-scale farms using 100% organic products creating a healthy ecosystem.

Supremo – for the MasterChef dad

Dads have long had a reputation for cooking up microwavable meals or instant noodles for dinner. There was a time when we would never leave the cooking to dad. Times however, have changed and now we have the master chef dads who dish out amazing meals for their family. Let’s be honest, we are all impressed by a man who knows how to cook. Surprise your MasterChef dad with PODiSTA Supremo - the perfect all-rounder offering a smooth and dulcet of strength and flavour. Since this man loves his spices and recipes, he will surely appreciate the intricacies of our Supremo coffee.

Aromatico – the Sentimental dad

This dad is in-touch with all of his emotions. He’s a gentle man who is sweet, caring and always remembers his wedding anniversary and birthdays. This guy is a keeper! You can’t doubt how much he loves you and cares for the family. Just like the name suggests, PODiSTA Aromatico coffee is easy on the palette with an indulgent and pleasurable aroma and flavour. A well balanced blend that is enjoyable but not overpowering. And that is all he needs.


Last update: August 31, 2016

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